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700-45:   Overdue Notices, Fines 
The Great Neck Library accepts three methods of payment for overdue fines and bills. These methods are cash, check and credit card/debit card via Ecommerce. Ecommerce, accessible only through the internet, is an online payment service which allows patrons to pay fines and bills via the Library’s catalog. Credit card information is not stored on the Library’s servers and the information is encrypted before it is transmitted to PayPal via a secure gateway connection.  The following credit cards are accepted: Mastercard, Visa, Discover. Debit cards must display the logo for Mastercard or Visa. Charges in excess of $3 may be paid by credit or debit card through Ecommerce.      [3/25/14]

Overdue Notices – All materials except Express Books, DVDs, videos,  Hooked on Phonics, multi-media material, software and slides – Overdue notices are sent three weeks after the due date; a second notice will be sent six weeks after the due date at which time patrons will also be billed the cost of the material as indicated in the data base. Patrons will receive a third notice for all outstanding materials that are still overdue at nine weeks. Patrons are billed list price on all library materials based on prices indicated in the database. When list prices are not indicated in the data base, default prices based upon the attached schedule will apply. [rev 9/21/10; 6/21/11]

Overdue notices – Express Books, Videos, DVDs, and 28 day slides – Overdues for Express Books, videos, DVDs and Playaway Views,  Transparent Language Library Edition Software, Compact + Magnifiers, Hooked on Phonics, multi-media material, software and 28 day slides are sent when the material is one week late. A second notice will be sent two weeks later at which time patrons will also be billed the cost of the material. Patrons will receive a third notice for all outstanding DVDs, multi-media material, software, videos or slides that are overdue by three weeks. [rev 9/21/10; 6/21/11; 2/21/12]

The fines for overdue materials are:



Catalogued Material
Express Books

20¢ to maximum of $10
$1 to maximum of $10


Uncatalogued Material

10¢ to maximum of $2








Catalogued Material

10¢ to maximum of $5


Uncatalogued Material

5¢ to maximum of $2








Videos, DVDs,
Compact + Magnifiers, Multi-Media Sets, Software, Transparent Language Library Edition Software, Hooked on Phonics, Playaway Views [9/21/10; 2/21/12]

$1 to maximum of ½ replacement price




Catalogued Material

Price indicated in database


Uncatalogued Material






Catalogued Material

Price indicated in database


Uncatalogued Material


Uncatalogued material includes pamphlets, popular periodicals and browsing paperbacks. These items have generic entries in the database that indicate only: Pamphlet, Periodical or Paperback. Catalogued material includes all materials that have complete entries in the database.
If a patron loses/damages Great Neck Library material, the patron must pay the replacement cost listed in the item record.
If no prices are listed in the database, the following charges will apply for lost or damaged material.
        Adult                                                                       $20
        Juvenile                                                                   $15
         Bindery fee                                                              $7.50

Audio Cassettes                                                           $9 per cassette

Video Cassettes
        Adult                                                                    $20
        Juvenile                                                                $10

DVD                                                                             $20

Compact Discs                                                             $9 per disk

Lost/damaged audio or video case                             $1

Damaged video/DVD                                                   $5

Damaged audio                                                           $5

Liner notes, other accompanying material                  $1

Replacement price for Playaway Views                      $100
         AC Adapter                                                           $15
         Case                                                                       $6
         Artwork                                                                  $1

Replacement prices for lost or damaged items in a multi-part set shall be:
        Audio-cassette                                                       $9
        Compact disc                                                          $9
        Video/DVD                                                              full replacement cost
         (individual parts of Video/DVD sets are not replaceable)
        Multi-media parts                                                     replacement costs listed above.

Replacement prices for Transparent Language Library Edition Software
        USB Key                                                                 $320
        USB Key Tag                                                          $1
        Case                                                                       $1

Replacement prices for Compact + Magnifiers            $595
      Lanyard                                                                   $2
      Carrying Case                                                          $5
      Power Cable                                                            $25
      2 rechargeable AA Batteries (in unit)                       $7
      Instruction Sheet                                                      $1

Hooked on Phonics replacement prices:                    
       Workbooks                                                             $9.95
       Flash Cards                                                             $2.95
       Posters (either character or milestone)                $9.95
       DVDs                                                                      $19.95 (if applicable)
       Audio CDs (only sold as a whole set for K-3rd level)         $39.95
       Storybook collections                                               $14.95
       Parent Resource book – not available                       $1 (default price)
       Stickers – not available                                             $1 (default price)


It is Library policy to accept the word of borrowers who tell us that they have returned materials for which they received an overdue notice or a bill. Of course, those who make such claims too frequently lose their credibility. Records are kept of those who “claim returned.” Two current claims returned items is the maximum number allowed. There are no “claim returned” for  Playaway Views Transparent Language Library Edition Software, Hooked on Phonics, and Compact + Magnifiers.  [9/21/10]

Borrowing privileges are denied patrons who owe $15.00 or more in bills or fines.


Revised 3/25/14


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