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Rules & Regulations for Use of the Library


The Rules and Regulations for Use of the Library are set by the Board of Trustees with the advice of the Library Director. The Board of Trustees has adopted the following Rules and Regulations for Use of the Library so that the Library may provide an atmosphere conducive to appropriate use of its services and facilities. In addition, further rules and regulations, which define who may use the Library and its facilities, the terms of usage, hours of operations, etc., are spelled out in a series of policy statements and printed memoranda that are included in the Policy Manual under the appropriate subject headings.

The following actions are prohibited on Library property:

- Selling and/or soliciting for money or items or services, without prior approval.

- Distributing or posting materials/literature that has not been approved by the Library.

- Possessing or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

- Smoking or other uses of tobacco both inside the library building and anywhere on library grounds. (Rev. 12/15/11)

- Eating or drinking except in the snackbar or if food or drinks are served as part of a library program. (Rev. 12/15/11)

- Bringing animals or pets into the Library except service animals as defined

- by the Americans with Disabilities Act [attached]. [2/18/14]

- Any loud, unreasonable and/or disturbing noises created by persons, radios, tape players or televisions.

- Cell phones may only be used in designated areas of each library location, as determined by library staff. (Rev. 12/15/11)

- Intentionally damaging, destroying, or stealing any Library property or a patron’s or employee’s property.

- Removing library materials from the premises without authorization through established lending procedures.

- Carrying weapons of any type.

- Engaging in disorderly conduct, fighting or challenging to fight, or using offensive words likely to provoke violence.

- Indecent exposure. - Using obscene or abusive acts and/or language.

- Willfully disrupting library functions and/or programs.

- Any other illegal acts or conduct in violation of federal, state or local law, ordinance or regulation.

(Rev. 12/15/11); 2/18/14


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