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Tips for Teachers


  1. Mass assignments on a specific subject result in the first students borrowing all the available material.

Please use the email assignment alert form or the fax form to notify the Library.  We can set aside books for library use only

  1. The Library cannot provide enough copies of a single title for each student in a class.

Give students a choice of selected titles to read, or advise them to ask the librarian to help them choose a comparable title.  

  1. An assignment sometimes lists materials that the Library does not own.

When planning assignments, please check the Online Catalog or call 466-8055 to find out what materials are available. Also check to see if there are age appropriate sources for the assigned topic. 

  1. Entire books on a narrow topic often do not exist or may be unavailable.

      Be willing to accept a variety of sources:  pages or chapters in books, magazines, articles in   general or specialized encyclopedias, online databases,  websites, etc. 

  1. Oral assignments are sometimes remembered inaccurately by students.

Send a copy of the assignment to the Library in advance, using one of the online assignment alert forms.

  1. Library materials have been damaged or destroyed by over-zealous students who are asked to provide illustrations for reports.

Encourage use of photocopies or printouts, computer graphics, or original student illustrations

      7.  Remind students that the librarians are always happy to help.






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