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Classics - Non-Fiction

J 398.21 A   Aesop   Aesop's Fables   (gr. 2-5)
Various classic stories and morals passed down since the time of Aesop, a slave in ancient Greece.

J 398.2 A   Alderson, Brian   The Arabian Nights (gr. K+)
An illustrated collection of stories from the "Arabian Nights", including those of Sinbad, Ali Baba and Aladdin.

J 398.2 A   Andersen, Hans Christian   Dulac's Snow Queen and Other Stories   (gr. )
Contains some of the famous Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales, with beautiful illustrations by Edmund Dulac.

J 398.2 A  Andersen, Hans Christian   The Little Mermaid (all grades)
For years the world has delighted in the story of the mermaid who loves her prince so well that she is willing to give up life beneath the sea.

J 398.2 A   Andersen, Hans Christian   The Princess and the Pea  (gr. K-4)
The lion that is looking for a real princess finds her when she complains about sleeping on a pea, felt through dozens of mattresses.

J 398.2 A   Andersen, Hans Christian   The Ugly Duckling   (gr. K-3)
An ugly ducking spends an unhappy year ostracized by other animals before he grows into a beautiful swan.

J 398.0943 G   Galdone, Paul   The Frog Prince (gr. K-3)
The much-beloved tale of the beautiful princess who lost her plaything and the ugly frog who made her keep her promise.

J 398 G  Grimm, Jakob and Wilhelm   Grimm's Fairy Tales   (all grades)
Two German brothers wrote many of these tales of witches, fairies, dwarfs and dragons, including the "Musicians of Bremen."

J 398.0943 G   Grimm, Jakob and Wilhelm   Sleeping Beauty  (gr. K-4)
Enraged at not being invited to the princess's chistening, the wicked fairy casts the spell that puts the princess to sleep for one hundred years.

J 398.0943 G   Grimm, Jakob and Wilhelm  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
A princess takes refuge from her wicked step-mother in the home of the seven dwarfs.

J 292 H  Hawthorne, Nathaniel   A Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales   (gr. 3+)
Adaptations of the classic Greek myths of Hercules, King Midas, Pandora and other legendary figures.

J 398.22 K   Malory, Thomas, Sir.  King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
The great English hero tale of "once and future" king, his knights and their fabulous adventures in Camelot.

J 398.0943 M   Mayer, Mercer  Pied Piper of Hamlin   (gr. K-3)
The story of the pied piper of Hamlin who rids the town of rats and then takes revenge on the townspeople.

J 398.0944 M   Montresory, Beni  Little Red Riding Hood   (gr. K-3)
The classic story of the little girl who visits her grandmother but meets the big, bad wolf instead.

J 398.0944 P   Perrault, Charles  Cinderella   (all ages)
The classic tale of the poor step-sister who, with the help of her fairy godmother, wins the hand of the prince.

J 398.0944 P Perrault, Charles  Puss in Boots   (gr. K-3)
A cunning cat wins his master a castle, a fortune and the hand of the princess.

J 398.0943 Z Zelinsky, Paul Rapunzel   (gr. K-4)
Raised in solitude in a tower, lovely Rapunzel is rescued by her handsome prince and lives happily ever after.


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