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Books for Kids in 2nd Grade

Easy Readers

These books are in the Easy Readers section alphabetical order by the author’s last name.

E*/Adler   Young Cam Jansen and the Dinosaur Game 
When eight-year-old sleuth Cam Jansen and her friend Eric go to a birthday party, she uses her photographic memory to solve the puzzle of the dinosaur count.

E*/Bonsall  Mine’s the Best 
There’s a surprise ending to this funny story in which two boys at the beach argue over who has the best balloon. 

E*/Bonsall   And I Mean It, Stanley
In this surprise-filled easy reader, a girl plays alone until the mysterious “Stanley” finally comes out from behind the fence to play with her.

E*/Bridges   Edna Elephant
Edna the elephant dances, tries on her new coat, starts to bake some cookies, and arranges flowers in a vase.

E*/Buck   Oh, Cats!
A girl spies three cats frolicking in her backyard and does everything she can to get them to play with her.

E*/DePaola   Boss for a Day  
Moffie is ten minutes older than her twin brother, Morgie, and she is always in charge; but when their mother says Moffie is too bossy, she decides to make Morgie boss for a day.

E*/Hoff   Who Will Be My Friends?
When Freddy moves to a new house in a new neighborhood, he goes looking for new friends to play with. 

E*/Kessler   Kick, Pass, and Run
After observing a boy's football game, a group of animals organizes its own teams and game.

E*/Minarik   Cat and Dog
Cat and Dog tease and chase each other all through the house and garden. They have fun and make a big mess until they’re hungry, tired, and very happy to curl up together.

E*/Nodset  Go Away, Dog
A sweet and friendly old dog won’t give up until the boy he has chosen takes him home.

E*/O’Connor   Nina Nina  Star Ballerina
Nina tells her friends that she will be a star in the upcoming ballet performance. When her friends misunderstand her, she doesn’t explain; and that’s how Nina creates a big problem for herself.

E*/Parker   Hello, School Bus!
Get on the school bus and join a bouncy, noisy ride to school.

E/Paterson   Marvin One Too Many
A gentle and reassuring book about Marvin, who is ashamed to be learning to read more slowly than his classmates, but who is then helped along by an understanding Dad and older sister.

E*/Rylant   Puppy Mudge
Puppy Mudge is dirty. Henry has to get him into the tub for a big soapy bath.

E*/Stadler   Three Cheers for Hippo!
Hippo cleverly comes up with a plan to save Cat, Pig, and Dog just when it looks as if they are about to parachute into a swamp full of alligators.

E*/Stadler   Hooray for Snail
Slow Snail hits the ball so hard during a baseball game that it flies to the moon and back. Will Snail have time to slide in for a home run?

E*/Wiseman   Morris Goes to School
Morris the moose has an exciting day in school learning the alphabet, counting, singing, spelling, and doing other things that make him a one-of-a-kind moose.

E*/Ziefert   The Magic Porridge Pot
A poor hungry girl and her mother are given a magic pot that fills with delicioius hot porridge whenever they want some. Very soon, however,  they discover that getting the pot to stop cooking  is the tricky part.


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