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J Fic   Aiken, Joan Nightbirds of Nantucket  (gr. 5-8)
A young English girl is rescued at sea by a whaling ship and ends up on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts, instead of home in England. Full of mystery, adventure, and humor.

J Fic   Aiken, Joan Wolves of Willoughby Chase  (gr. 4-6)
The misadventures of two little girls in the English countryside, who find wolves outside and a mean governess inside and have only their friend Simon to help them.

J Fic   Alexander, Lloyd The Book of Three  (gr. 4-7)
The first book in the fantasy adventures of Taran, assistant pig-keeper, who wants to be a hero in the kingdom of Prydain. With elements of Welsh legend.

J Fic   Armstrong, William Sounder   (gr. 4+)
Powerful story of an African-American family in the rural South. Newbery award winner.

J Fic   Babbitt, Natalie   Tuck Everlasting  (gr. 4-6)
Pioneer family doomed to live forever gets help from a modern child, who must herself make the choice between mortality and everylasting life in this unusual fantasy.

J Fic   Blume, Judy  Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret  (gr. 4-6)
A young girl looks for answers to some very real questions in her life. Judy Blume's first.

J Fic   Brink, Carole Ryrie  Caddie Woodlawn   (gr. 4-6)
The frontier of the American west in the mid-19th Century comes to life in this story of a pioneer girl and her family.

J Fic   Burch, Robert  Ida Early Comes Over the Mountain   (gr. 5-7)
Warm-hearted Appalachian story of a motherless family and the lively, oving, and funny woman who comes to care for them.

J Fic   Burnford, Sheila  The Incredible Journey  (gr. 4-6)
Three household pets (pre-Disney) set out to find their real owner through a series of adventures across the wilds of Canada.

J Fic   Byars, Betsy   The Midnight Fox (gr. 4-7)
A boy is bored, having to spend a summer with relatives on a farm, until a thrilling encounter with a wild fox.

J Fic Cleary, Beverly Henry Huggins (gr. 3-5)
Henry, his dog, and his friends live a fun-filled life in their small town.

J Fic Cleary, Beverly Ramona the Pest (gr. 4+)
Henry's friend, Beezus, has a little sister, Ramona, whose high-spirited antics get her in trouble. <

J Fic Cooper, Susan  The Dark is Rising   (gr. 5-8)
An exciting installment in a fantasy series about a modern boy who is pulled into a darkly thrilling world of magic and danger, in a battle between good and evil.

J Fic Dahl, Roald Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  (gr. 3-6)
Charlie and four other children win entry into Willie Wonka's mysterious chocolate factory.

J Fic Dahl, Roald James and the Giant Peach  (gr. 4-6)
James rides a giant peach on an adventure to escape from his mean aunts and live in New York.

J Fic Dahl, Roald The Witches   (gr. 3-5)
A boy and his grandmother work together to stop witches from trying to destroy the world's children by turning them in to mice.

J Fic Eager, Edward  Half-Magic  (gr. 3+)
Children find a half-magic coin and learn to double their wishes to make them come true.

J Fic Enright, Elizabeth The Saturdays  (gr. 3-6)
Each child in a family does something special on Saturdays, as they take turns in a series of adventures.

J Fic Estes, Eleanor   The Great Brain (and sequels)   (gr. 4-6)
Does a girl who wears the same dress everyday to school really have one hundred dresses at home? The girls in her class learn a hard lesson in this short but powerful book.

J Fic Fitzhugh, Louise   Harriet the Spy  (gr. 5-7)
Harriet, independent and funny but not always nice or happy, is unforgettable. What happens when her friends find her journal full of bad opinions of them? This is only one part of the action in this fine novel.


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