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E/A   Auch, Mary Jane   Princess and the Pizza;
When Princess Paulina enters a competition for the hand of Prince Drupert, she inadvertently cooks up a wonderful new delicacy: pizza.

E/ C    Child, Lauren   The Princess and the Pea
Presents a re-telling of the well-known fairy tale of a young girl who feels a pea through twenty mattresses and twenty featherbeds and proves she is a real princess.

E*/D   Weinberger, Jennifer  Surprise for a Princess
The fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather make a mess trying to surprise Briar Rose on her birthday, but their magic fixes things in the end.

E/F    Funke, Cornelia   Princess Knight
Princess Violetta, who has trained as a knight, is angry when her father announces that she will be not a competitor but the prize in a jousting contest. She finds a way to compete anyway.

E/F    Funke, Cornelia   Princess Pigsty
Tired of being a princess, the youngest of three sisters throws her crown out the window and finds happiness working in the royal kitchen and pigsty.

E/G    Grey, Mina  The Very Smart Pea and the Princess to be
This skewed fairy tale delivers an entertaining spin and a great deal of visual wit. As you would expect, there's a prince, his mother the queen, a whole lot of mattresses, and a pea who narrates the story.

E*/H  Hall, Kirstin   I’m a Princess
Dressed as a princess, a girl expects her family to treat her royally, but that is because Halloween has arrived.

E/H    Holabrid, Katherine    Angelina and the Princess
Angelina is too sick to dance well during the tryouts for the lead in the "Princess of Mouseland" ballet, but when the leading ballerina sprains her foot, Angelina is ready to prove she is still the best dancer of all.

E/H   Holabrid, Katherine    Angelina at the Palace
When Angelina Ballerina is recruited to help with the anniversary celebration of the king and queen of Mouseland, she finds herself in charge of preparing the three young princesses for their performance.

E/H   Howland, Naomi    Princess says goodnight
Rhyming text presents what a princess might do between leaving the ball and saying goodnight.

E/K   Katz, Karen   Princess Baby, Night-Night
At bedtime, Princess Baby is way too busy to go to sleep.

E/K   Kleven,  Elisa   Paper Princess
A little girl makes a picture of a princess that comes to life and is carried off by the wind.

E/K   Kleven, Elisa   Paper Princess flies again: with her dog
While looking for a birthday gift for their owner, the paper princess and her dog travel on a kite, a tumbleweed, and a sailboat, and end up in a surprising place.

E/K   Kroll, Steven   Princess Abigail and the Wonderful Hat
Wishing to control the outcome of her father's hat contest, because she knows she must marry the winner, Princess Abigail accepts the help of a strange green lizard from the forest.

E/L   Lewis, J. Patrick   Night of the Goat Children
The brave princess Birgitta, assisted by five children disguised as goats, outsmarts a dangerous band of outlaws threatening to take over the little kingdom of Beda.

E/L   Lum, Kate Princesses are not quitters
Three bored princesses decide to become servants for a day and learn what hard work is all about.

E/M  Martin, Rafe  Storytelling Princess
Having survived a shipwreck, a princess tries to tell a prince a story whose ending he does not know and thus qualify for his hand in marriage.

E/M   Muldoon, Kathleen   Princess Pooh
Jealous of her invalid sister's royal treatment as she sits in her wheelchair, Patty Jean tries out the conveyance and discovers life in a wheelchair is no fun at all.

E/O  Oram, Hiawyn   The Second Princess
The Second Princess tries to get rid of her sister, the First Princess, until she learns that her parents love them both equally.

E/R  Ross, Tony   I want my dinner
After a little princess learns to say "please" and "thank you," she teaches the same etiquette to a Beastie.

E/R  Roth, Susan  Princess
A girl whose mother has called her to get up and go to school imagines all the things she would be free to do if she were a princess.

E/S  Shields, Carole  I am really a princess
A child imagines herself a princess and contrasts her everyday life with the one she could have in a castle with infinitely permissive parents.

E/W   Walsh, Melanie   Hide and Sleep
At bedtime Princess Poppy decides that, instead of going to bed, she is going to hide, trying several hiding places before finding the perfect one.

E/W     Wilson, Karma   Princess Me
A little girl imagines being a princess, with her stuffed animals serving as royal subjects. Make way! Make way! Here comes the princess of the land. She's sweet and kind. She's oh-so-grand. And just who is she, this lovely Princess Me? Come inside this book to see! A child's bedroom is transformed into a magical kingdom in this bright, lively offering from Karma Wilson.

E/Y   Young, Amy   Belinda and the Glass Slipper
 Belinda competes with a very ambitious new dancer for the title role in the ballet "Cinderella."

E/Z  Zemach, Harve    Princess and the Froggie
Whenever the princess's problems seem insoluble, Froggie helps her out of her difficulties.


F   French, Vivian   Tiara Club 
The adventures of five different young princesses at a special Princess Academy.


J/FIC/Baker   The Frog Princess
After reluctantly kissing a frog, an awkward, fourteen-year-old princess suddenly finds herself a frog, too, and sets off with the prince to seek the means--and the self-confidence--to become human again.

J/FIC/Bradley   The Lacemaker and the Princess
In 1788, eleven-year-old Isabelle, living with her lacemaker grandmother and mother near the palace of Versailles, becomes close friends with Marie Antoinette's daughter, Princess Therese, and finds their relationship complicated not only by their different social class but by the growing political unrest and resentment of the French people.

J/Fic/Cabot   Princess in Training
High school sophomore Princess Mia records in her diary her struggles with geometry, the expectations of being a college student's girlfriend, running for president of the student council, and a potential ecological disaster in her native land, Genovia.

J/Fic/Cabot   Princess in Love
In a series of humorous diary entries, a New York City ninth grader agonizes over her love life, final exams and future as the Princess of Genovia.

J/Fic/King-Smith   Lady Lollipop
A quick-witted swineherd and a pig named Lollipop are royally rewarded after they reform a spoiled princess.

J/Fic/Levine  Two Princesses of Bamarre
With her adventurous sister, Meryl, suffering from the the Grey death meek and timid Princess Addie sets out to find a cure.

J/Fic/Levine   Ella Enchanted
In this novel based on the story of Cinderella, Ella struggles against the childhood curse that forces her to obey any order given to her.

J/Fic/Levine   Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg
After a hurricane injures the fairies' godlike Mother Dove, whose magical feathers and precious egg are of powerful importance to both fairies and Neverland itself, it falls to newcomer Prilla and two companions to set things right.

J/Fic/Townly  The Great Good Thing
Nothing ever changes inside the storybook kingdom inhabited by twelve-year-old Princess Sylvie, her parents, and many other characters until Sylvie discovers that by allying herself with the Reader she can experience new adventures beyond the confines of the book.

J/Fic/Townly   Into the Labrinth : A Novel
Princess Sylvie and the other characters in the book entitled "The Great Good Thing" confront the perils of being uploaded onto the World Wide Web, forcing them to act out their story both in print and in cyberspace.

J/Fic/Townly   Constellation of Sylvie
Sequel to: Into the labyrinth
Twelve-year-old Princess Sylvie tries to save her storybook kingdom, which lives within the pages of "The Great Good Thing," when they find themselves aboard a doomed space ship, despite the interference of the jester, Pingree, who schemes to blackmail her into marrying him.


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