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The Great Neck Library presents the following local history texts to the public, in the form of online PDF files that can be printed or downloaded to a computer.  We have chosen to digitize these titles for the wealth of information that they provide about Great Neck.  These titles are also available from the Great Neck Library in book or pamphlet form.  It should be noted that there will always be discrepancies between historical texts that cover the same subject matter.  A truly representative overview of the history of Great Neck would best be acquired by reading as much of the available material on our community as possible.  The library would like to thank the League of Women Voters of Great Neck, and the Great Neck Public Schools, for granting us permission to distribute their copyrighted materials online.

In Celebration, the First 100 years: the Great Neck Library, 1889-1989
The Great Neck Library
The Book of Great Neck
This Is Great Neck
Lucky Seven : A History of the Great Neck Public Schools
Old Great Neck : A Stroll In Memories’ Lane
Breezy Hill, the Baker Farm

In Celebration, the First 100 years: the Great Neck Library, 1889-1989 is a pictorial history of the library from 1889 to 1989, covering the development of library and the community it served.  It was created by our library to celebrate its centennial. 

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Great Neck Library
100 years and still growing

The Great Neck Library The Great Neck Library 1880-1989 is a chronological history of the Great Neck Library.   Part I is based on meeting minutes and annual reports of the Board of Trustees from 1888 to 1988.  Appendix A details activities in each year, and includes information about library trustees, staff, branches, gifts, collections, and circulation.  Appendix B details the history of various programs offered at the library.  Part II summarizes the history of the Great Neck Library.

The Book of Great Neck. Written and illustrated by Devah Spear and Adrian Gil Spear, with contributions by many other notable Great Neckers, this work was first published in 1936.  Having gathered a large amount of information in one volume, The Book of Great Neck can be considered the granddaddy of all Great Neck local history sources.  Much of the research, writing, and illustration done for this publication have been reused in subsequent books about Great Neck, including This Is Great Neck.  Written in an amusing style, and illustrated with numerous skillfully rendered drawings, The Book of Great Neck was originally made available to the public by local business and community groups.  It contains numerous advertisements and a classified directory, which provide a snapshot of Great Neck as a burgeoning, active community in the 1930’s.

This Is Great Neck. Over the years, This Is Great Neck has become the most widely read and cited publication about the Great Neck community.  First published as a pamphlet in 1956 by the League of Women Voters of Great Neck, it has since been revised several times.  Derived in part from The Book of Great Neck, This Is Great Neck gave the public a wide-ranging, concise, and periodically updated go-to text for information about the history and cultural development of Great Neck, from pre-colonial times to the 20th Century.  The library has digitized what we consider to be the most comprehensive version of This Is Great Neck, published in 1983.

Lucky Seven : A History of the Great Neck Public Schools. Published by the Great Neck Public Schools, and covering the years 1814 to 1964, Lucky Seven details a 150-year period in the development of the Great Neck Schools.  From its humble beginnings as a series of one-room schoolhouses, to its status as a growing system with four junior and senior high schools, and numerous elementary schools, Great Neck’s school system evolved from a small, rural service into one of the most distinguished public school systems in the country.  In many ways, the history of the Great Neck Public Schools mirrors the development of the community as a whole.  In addition to information on Great Neck’s schools, Lucky Seven touches on many other aspects of growth and change in our community.

Old Great Neck : A Stroll In Memories’ Lane. This document was written by Robert A. Ellard.  Dated to June of 1963, it describes Great Neck as it was from the late 1800’s through the mid 1900’s.  Old Great Neck … provides a basic history of the peninsula through a detailed tour of the most inhabited areas of our community.  Written in a charming and picturesque style, it provides Mr. Ellard’s reminiscences of the people, places, businesses, organizations, and social trends that shaped Great Neck.


Completed in 1993, Breezy Hill, the Baker Farm was written by Mills P. Baker, a longtime Great Neck resident, and member of the prominent Baker family, of Baker Hill fame.  Breezy Hill … is a collection of memories, family stories, genealogies, photos, hand drawn maps, and reflections on the history of Great Neck.  Mr. Baker wrote about life on his family’s large farm, how people lived and worked in a pastoral, rural Great Neck, and numerous goings-on about town.  His book provides unique descriptions of life in our town, from around 1850 to 1990, and contains information about numerous Great Neck residents, businesses, farms, and local institutions.  The Great Neck Library would like to thank Mr. Baker for all of his hard work on the book we present to the public here.


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