Grist Mill

Post card view of the Saddle Rock Grist Mill postmarked 1912. The first known record of this mill is 1702 when it was operated by Henry Allen. The mill has been restored to the period 1830-1870 when Richard Udall was the owner. It is one of the few remaining tidal grist mills.

Post card view of the grist mill on Udall's pond, before 1907.

View of a bridge over Udall's millpond from a post card dated 1905.

Post card view of a bridge over the millpond dated 1910. Replaced by a new bridge in 1971.

Post card view dated 1905, looking east from the bridge toward the Brokaw estate.

View of the bridge over the millpond looking west from the Brokaw estate. Undated post card view photo by Great Neck photographer A. Culet.


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