FRIDAY, DEC. 13 at 8:00 p.m.
SATURDAY, DEC. 14 at 3:00 and 8:00 p.m.

Doors open at 7:15 for ticketholders and 7:45 for non-ticketholders. Tickets are FREE of charge and are intended to guarantee seating. They can be requested at the Circulation Desk of all Great Neck Library facilities beginning Monday, Nov. 25.
For more information, call (516) 466-8055 ext. 216.

This production of Lewis Carroll's ALICE IN WONDERLAND and THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS takes a very familiar story and tells it in a very different way. Alice is a teenager with a love for fantasy and fairy tales. She wishes herself into a Wonderland full of queens, kings and strange creatures. But her fantasy world proves to be just as difficult as real life. Levels' ALICE uses original music (to lyrics by Lewis Carroll), puppetry, stage magic and more to give you a new perspective on a beloved classic.

Based on the Books by Lewis Carroll
Adapted for the Stage by Eva Le Gallienne & Florida Freibus

Conceived & Directed by Jasmine Krause
Choreography by Jonathan Schindler

Original Music by Olivia Lundelius
Set Design by Jasmine Krause & Alan Smithee
Costume Design by Simona Fine
Puppetry Design by Ben Weber

THE CAST (in alphabetical order)
Noah Aizer The March Hare / The Gryphon / Lobster Showgirl
Spencer Berman The Mouse / Five of Diamonds
Perry Choo Frog Footman / The King of Hearts / Humpty Dumpty
Christine Cimpian Alice
Ricky Cole-Lauro Seven of Clubs / Fish Footman / Sheep
Max Cruz Caterpillar / Two of Spades / The Red Knight
Nicole Cruz The Cook / The Red Queen
Simona Fine The Eaglet (Edith) / The Dormouse
Jasmine Guillen The Duchess / Tiger-Lily / Lobster Showgirl
Heather Han The White Rabbit
Rebecca Hirschhorn The Lory (Lorina) / Bill the Lizard / The Knave of Hearts
Jasmine Krause Lobster Showgirl
Marissa Martino Mirror Alice / Lobster Showgirl
Nina Mor The Mock Turtle / Rose
Sarah Marie Schlenker The Queen of Hearts / Violet
ZB Senft The Mad Hatter / The White Knight / Lobster Showgirl
Ally Weber The Dodo / The White Queen / Mother's Voice
Ben Weber Cheshire Cat / Tweedledee & Tweedledum / Principal Puppeteer

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