Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by John Weidman
Based on an idea by Charles Gilbert, Jr.

MAY 31, JUNE 1 and JUNE 2
at 8:00 p.m.

Contains mature subject matter, language and adult situations.
Audience discretion is

How far would someone go just to be remembered?
Meet nine people who viewed their dreams through the barrel of a gun.

Winner of five Tony Awards, ASSASSINS is a musical history lesson that digs deep into the lives and motivations of nine people who tried to assassinate Presidents of the United States…and in some cases, succeeded. The play does not forgive these people, nor does it make them into any kind of hero, far from it; instead, it tries to chronicle what brought them all to a point in their lives where they would be driven to do the unspeakable. They, like so many others, believed in the American Dream – that you can get everything you want if you just work hard enough for it. But in our imperfect world, not everyone can get the job, the love, the respect, or the justice they feel they deserve. Lacking the things they desired led these nine people to find the darkest way possible to put themselves in the history books. From John Wilkes Booth to Lee Harvey Oswald, authors Sondheim and Weidman bend the rules of time and space, allowing assassins and would-be assassins from different historical periods to meet, interact – and in the end, inspire each other to catastrophic actions in the belief that “everybody’s got the right to their dreams.”

Directed by Emi Schaufeld
Choreography by
Polina Pittell
Produced by Richard Feder
Set Design by Ali Walker & Jonathan Schindler
Costume Design by Maddie Walker
Lighting Design by Lauren Brill & Karishma Mansukhani
Prop Design by Max Cruz
Publicity Artist, Jasmine Krause
Light Board Operator, Aaron Mechanic
Sound Effects Operator, Ramy Joory
Makeup Design by Jasmine Krause & Marissa Martino

THE CAST (in alphabetical order)
Elora Aclin The Proprietor / Emma Goldman
Gabriel Atkin President Lincoln / Garfield / McKinley / Ford / Reagan
Rachel Coons Leon Czolgosz / Bystander
Max Cruz Samuel Byck
Russell Katz Giuseppe Zangara / David Herold
James Kennedy John Wilkes Booth / Bystander
Sydney Klainberg Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme / Bystander
Jasmine Krause Charles J. Guiteau / Bystander
Marissa Martino Sara Jane Moore
Nina Mor The Balladeer / Lee Harvey Oswald
Jonathan Schindler John Hinckley / James Blaine / Billy Moore / Bystander
Richard Feder Soprano Saxophone
Kris Bauman Piano

All Photos by Maddie Walker

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