a play by Maxwell Anderson

based on the novel by William March

Directed by Casey Alexander

Stage Manager, Lizzie Wastell
Set Designer, Danielle King
Costume Designer, Ava Szilagi
Lighting Designer, Jenna Hopp
Sound Designer, Smidge

Eight-year-old Rhoda Penmark is the perfect little girl -- almost TOO perfect. And when her rivals start turning up dead, her mother begins to suspect there's something evil going on in Rhoda's little blonde head...


NOVEMBER 4-5-6, 2004

Showtime 8:00pm


THE CAST (in order of appearance):
Liz Tomazic
Rhoda Penmark
David Levinson
Col. Kenneth Penmark
Crystal Estey
Christine Penmark
Kelly Wolfsohn
Monica Breedlove
Samir Poonawala
Sam Feinsilver
Emory Wages
Romy Valentina
Miss Fern
Lisa Wolff
Regina Tasker
Danielle Garcia
Mrs. Daigle
Matt Rosenthal
Mr. Daigle
Lizzie Wastell
Ava Szilagi
Renee Bravo


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