directed by Dan Holzberg
produced by Danielle Garcia & Jacqui Levin
stage manager, Lizzie Wastell
scenic & costume design, Casey Alexander
lighting design, Steven Cohen

August 15-16, 2003


A hysterical, irreverent comedy about a the world's most bizarre job interviewee. But that's not all -- it's the first play that is cast entirely by the audience! At the beginning of the show, the audience is asked to vote on which member of the cast should play which role. With more than 30,000 different combinations, it's a different show every night!


THE CAST (as chosen by the audience):

Fallon Beckerman

Merritt (show 1)/Jean & Hollis (show 2)/Sydney (show 3)

Karen Lynn Miller

Sydney (show 1)/Chris (show 2)/Jean & Hollis (show 3)

Andie Robin

Jean & Hollis (show 1)/Sydney (show 2)/Chris (show 3)

Jonelle Robinson
Pinky (show 1)/Royce (show 2)/"New Merritt" (show 3)
Robyn Candyce Schlau
Royce (show 1)/Pinky (show 2)/Merritt (show 3)
Cody Stallings
Chris (show 1)/"New Merritt" (show 2)/Pinky (show 3)
Ava Szilagi
"New Merritt" (show 1)/Merritt (show 2)/Royce (show 3)




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