MAY 31 & JUNE 1
at 8:00 p.m.

High school senior Anoush Baghdassarian's original play Found tells the story of a young woman named Lucine and the traumas she experienced during the Armenian Genocide.  As Lucine’s older self writes in her diary, we see her youthful memories enacted onstage, forming a very personal portrait of a devastating time in history. Each performance of Found was followed by a moderated talkback with the author and cast about the history behind the play.

Written & Directed by Anoush Baghdassarian
Stage Manager, Sophie Baghdassarian
Costume Designer, Anna Zagubizhenko
Lighting Designer, Aaron Mechanic
Sound Designer, Ramy Joory
Artistic Designer, Maddie Walker

THE CAST (in order of appearance)
Elora Aclin Mayrig, Lucine's mother
Richard Feder Hovsep, Lucine's father
Antranig Baghdassarian Raffi (Age 7)
Rachel Coons Lucine (Age 14)
Brandon Heller-Sabet Enver
Scott Stich Turkish Soldier
Michelle Geffner Lucine (Age 24)
Yuval Ben-Hayun Ahmet
Nina Mor Gayane
Jacob Szilagi Arif, Enver's son
JP Macrigiane Hayk
Maggie Roach Arsine
Aram Baghdassarian Raffi (Age 17)


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