AUGUST 18, 19 & 20, 2011
Showtime is 8:00 p.m.
with a special matinee performance added by popular demand
SATURDAY, AUGUST 20 at 2:00 p.m.

Book by
Dale Wasserman
Lyrics by Joe Darion
Music by Mitch Leigh
Based on the novel Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes

Directed by Michael Levinson
Musical Direction by Polina Senderova & Jane Coons
Choreography by Polina Pittell
Produced by Yuval Ben-Hayun
Set Design by Rebecca Reiss
Costume Design by Maddie Walker
Lighting Design by Gabriel Cohen
Lighting Supervisor, Karishma Mansukhani
Head of Construction, Benny Katz
Set Assistant/Prop Construction, Ali Walker
Assistant Choreographer, Karen Notovitz
Fight Captain,
Nina Mor
Publicity Artist/Make-Up Design, Jasmine Krause

While in prison awaiting his trial before the Inquisition, playwright Miguel de Cervantes defends himself against the thieves and murderers around him by presenting a play, and casting the prisoners in all of the roles. Cervantes himself will play the role of Alonso Quijana, a crazy old man who has filled his head with stories of knights and their quests for honor. Quijana decides to transform himself into a knight named Don Quixote, and sets out for adventure on his tired old horse, accompanied by his friend and "squire" Sancho Panza. Though Quijana's family tries to find him and cure him, most who encounter Don Quixote find that his fantasy makes their lives better -- especially the filthy, abused serving girl Aldonza, who Quixote has decided is his lovely lady Dulcinea, treating her with kindness and respect for the first time in her life. Soon even the prisoners who once threatened Cervantes begin to realize that the story of Quixote's "Impossible Dream" can give them hope as well.

THE CAST (in alphabetical order):

Gabriela Alonso

An Inquisitor

Jane Coons
Quito, a Muleteer
Rachel Coons
Quijana's Housekeeper/Moorish Dancer
Richard Feder
Sancho Panza
Andrew Fishenfeld
Pedro, Leader of the Muleteers
Rebecca Gordon
The Windmill/Moorish Dancer
Sara Ann Gottlieb
Juan, a Muleteer/Rocinante, Quixote's Horse
Kelsey Gronda
Ariel Heller-Sabet
Antonia, Quijana's Niece
Brandon Heller-Sabet
Padre Perez
Russell Katz
Captain of the Inquisition
James Kennedy
The Innkeeper (The Governor)
Sydney Klainberg
Tenorio, a Muleteer
Jeremy Kramer
An Inquisitor
Jasmine Krause
Enrique, a Muleteer
Marissa Martino
José, a Muleteer
Aaron Mor
Don Quixote de la Mancha/Alonso Quijana (Miguel de Cervantes)
Nina Mor
Anselmo, a Muleteer
Karen Notovitz
Fermina/Flamenco Dancer
Lili Notovitz
Maria, the Innkeeper's Wife
Rebecca Reiss
The Barber/Dapple, Sancho's Donkey
Jacob Wolf Szilagi
Dr. Sansón Carrasco (The Duke)


Michael Blum


Kris Bauman
Guitar/Soprano Sax/Percussion
Polina Senderova

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