FEBRUARY 2, 3 & 4
at 8:00 p.m.
(...back home at the
Levels Teen Center!!!)

Macbeth tells the tale of a beloved Scottish general who led his country to victory in war.  But a prophecy from a trio of witches, combined with the manipulative words of his wife and his own self-doubt, transform Macbeth from an even-tempered man into a tyrannical monster who craves power for its own sake. Could it happen to any of us? This production explored just that with a production concept that was as unusual as it was convenient!

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by
Simona Fine
Set Design by Elaine Zhang

Costume Design by Aliza Fine

Makeup Design by Rayna Cooke & Phoebe Gordon
Lighting & Construction, Tyler "T-Rex" Hakimian
Stage Crew/Asst. Construction, Ricky Cole

THE CAST (in alphabetical order)
Joy Chang First Witch / Gentlewoman / Messenger
Sara Chitsaz Third Witch / Doctor / Murderer
Rayna Cooke Lady Macbeth
Adam Fazal Lennox / Apparition / Messenger
Ali Fazal Fleance / Angus / Son of Macduff
Simona Fine Second Witch / Seyton / Murderer
Phoebe Gordon Ross / Donalbain / Menteith / Apparition
Rebecca Hirschhorn King Duncan / Siward
Zachary Lee Macbeth
Nina Phillips Macduff / Sergeant / Apparition
Kate Smolens Malcolm / Porter / Lady Macduff
Elana Xu Banquo / Caithness


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