MAY 21 & 22
at 8:00 p.m.
MAY 23
at 2:00 p.m.

in the Saddle Rock Elementary School Auditorium

The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 is NOT a musical, but it is a hilarious comedy-mystery set in the world of musical theatre.  At a Westchester mansion filled with secret passages and revolving bookcases, the authors, director and cast of a new musical have assembled.  Their goal: to try to convince the wealthy and eccentric Elsa von Grossenkneuten to bankroll their play.  But there is one uninvited guest – the masked “Stage Door Slasher,” who is bent on murdering them one by one.  No one is quite what he or she seems in this zany whodunit that will keep the audience guessing right up until the final moments. 

Written by John Bishop

Directed by Noah Harouche
Assistant Director / Stage Manager, Shokrian
Produced by Elaine Zhang
Set Design by Tiffany McDowell

Costume Design by Rebecca Hirschhorn
Makeup & Hair Design by Adi Sragovich
Original Music by Max Manicone

Valerie Currie Bernice Roth
Jack Doremus Patrick O'Reilly
Simona Fine Helsa Wensel
Rebecca Hirschhorn Marjorie Baverstock
Daisy Korman Elsa von Grossenkneuten
Molly Racsko Ken De La Maize
Freddy Sion Michael Kelly
Adi Sragovich Nikki Crandall
Sam Trollo Roger Hopewell
Ben Weber Eddie McCuen


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