Neil Simon's RUMORS

directed by Jonna L. Hearn
produced by Elissa Schlau
asst. director, David Levinson
scenic design, Jen Stonefield
costume design, Becca Montalbano & Eric Strauss
lighting design, Michael Strauss
November 2, 3 & 4, 2000


A wild farce about a night of lies, deception and injuries at the home of the Deputy Mayor of New York
Our production was set in 1987, with appropriately nostalgic costuming, design elements and music.

Laura Simon 
Chris Gorman 
Eric Strauss
Ken Gorman 
Andie Robin Lazaroff 
Claire Ganz
Zach Linder
Lenny Ganz 
Samantha Zahabian 
Cookie Cusack
David Levinson
Ernie Cusack
Becca Montalbano
Cassie Cooper
Jake Lederman
Glenn Cooper 
Jonna L. Hearn 
Officer Welch 
Anjli Datta
Officer Pudney

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