T*W*P 2004

  a festival of one-act plays

presented by Theatre Workshop Players

Produced by Samir Poonawala

Lighting Coordinator, S. Michael Cohen
Sound Coordinator, Lizzie Wastell

JUNE 4 & 5, 2004


Levels' longest-running showcase for theatrical talent, presenting original short plays by students alongside established works by award-winning playwrights.

Hosted once again by T*W*Ppy the Clown (Melissa D'Angelo, left) and her pet Dinosaur (himself, right).THE PROGRAMME:


TIME FLIES by David Ives
directed by Samir Poonawala; featuring Matt Rosenthal (Horace), Hannah Diamond (May), Danielle Garcia (Sir David Attenborough).

ROMEO & JULIET, Act III, Scene 5 by William Shakespeare
directed by Romy Valentina; featuring Crystal Estey (Juliet), Robert Di Giovanni (Romeo), Rachel Wolfsohn (Lady Capulet), Matt Rosenthal (Lord Capulet), Alex Molina (Nurse).

THE VOICE WITHIN, monologues by Lizzie Wastell
directed by Lizzie Wastell; featuring David Levinson (in "I Can't Depend on Them"), Danielle Garcia (in "Cutting"), Samantha Skow (in "Hunger").

THE SPANISH INQUISITION by Monty Python (Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones & Michael Palin)
directed by Paul Saffioti & Alan Smithee; featuring Paul Saffioti (Cardinal Ximenez), David Levinson (Cardinal Biggles), Marc Vainrib (Cardinal Fang), Robert Di Giovanni (Mr. Chapman), Alex Molina (Miss Cleveland), Danielle Garcia (Dear Old Lady), Crystal Estey (Young Lady).

CHEMICAL BURN (scene from FIGHT CLUB) by Chuck Palahniuk & Jim Uhls
directed by Sam Feinsilver; featuring Jeremy Bazinet (Tyler), Matt Rosenthal (Jack).

ROUND IN CIRCLES by Terri Collin
directed by David Levinson; featuring Robert Di Giovanni (George), Talia L'amour Kovacs (Malvin).

CHECKMATE by Lizzie Wastell
directed by Lizzie Wastell; featuring Erica Kaya Hill (Shelley), Laura Wastell (Lulu)

IT'S A BEAUTIFUL MORNING, monologues by Lizzie Wastell
directed by Lizzie Wastell; featuring Talia L'amour Kovacs (in "The Chicken/Egg Complex"), Alex Molina (in "Ugly"), Karina Spiess (in "The Big EEW").

directed by Cody Stallings; featuring Robert Di Giovanni (Ralph), Erica Kaya Hill (Gail), Nikki Blonsky (Ralph's Mom), Marc Vainrib (Rico), Shira Klein (Michaela Giuseppe)

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